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Questions & Confusions:

Before jump into the content about Craigslist Seattle, many people have a common question like following:

  1. What is Craigslist?
  2. Why we need this?
  3. Can we earn money with it?
  4. Is there any risk or chances to be scammed?

Today Those are what I gonna answer and give a direct path to best Craigslist service in Seattle.

Summarized Answer:

Craigslist is classified advertising website that is mainly for jobs, for sale, community service, housing, resumes, items wanted, services and discussion forums.

Using Craigslists are a good thanks to make money by buying items on the cheapest prices available in the site and so re-sell them for the next extended price. There are two ways to maximise your profit with this strategy. First, you’ll ensure you’re paying a undervalued price for the things you’re buying. you’ll buy only items that offered free, or for an occasional price. Then you can sell them on social medias or e-commerce website on higher prices. Craigslists website offers very cheap prices compared to traditional web sites. Many people also do drop servicing by sourcing service from Craigslists and selling them on freelancing sites.

So basically, Craigslists is very good place to sell your house or renting it fast, selling your car, finding a job, earning money and buying selling of your used products. Craigslists are mainly used by Americans.

Best Craigslists Site In Seattle

Getting Started With Craigslist Houston

Firstly Visit The Craigslist site of your area: & You’ll see a Minimal Hompage with all the available links & categories. then follow the registration & uploading guidelines below:

Step 1:

Simply click on the ‘my account’ link & you’ll be redirected to the login page. Before that, you can explore the categories if you are a beginner.

Craigslist Houston Account Page

Step 2:

If you don’t have an account, then Create An Account quickly with your email address. No additional information is required.

Craigslist Houston Password

Step 3:

You’ll get an email with a confirmation link to your account. Click on the link & your account will be confirmed. After confirming your account, you’ll be asked to set a password or go Passwordless. My recommendation is to choose a password to ensure your account security.

Step 4:

After completing registration, simply go back to the Homepage & you’ll find an option to ‘Submit A Post‘. Then quickly fill in the required details like ‘Category’, ‘Product/service type’ & product information just like the images shown here.

Craigslist Houston Submit a post 2
Craigslist Houston Submit a Post

That’s all. Your post is ready & published on Craigslist. You can share on your social media profiles & do some marketing to boost your sales.

Warning about Craigslist Seattle!

Before trading with Craigslists, make sure you inspect the Craigslist post you selected before you make any trading decisions. There are many people who scam on those sites. Also, there are so many spammy & fake posts that get posted daily by affiliates marketers. Never fall into those things or you might end up losing money. Never give your confidential information like credit cards to anyone if they ask.

This is all about Craigslist Seattle.

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