Instagram Bot: Still Worth In 2023?

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Instagram bots have become more and more popular in recent years and have so far been considered the most effective method to grow Instagram accounts quickly. The idea behind Instagram Bot is relatively simple. Due to the increased activity (like, follow, unfollow, etc) which is carried out by the bot, you get a lot of engagement back in return. Many social media agencies and influencers, therefore, use bots.

In this article, we explain what Instagram bots are all about, which ones you should definitely use and what you still have to consider when using them. Because only if you choose the right settings and use a strategy you can get the best out of it. Also, we share the experiences that we have made for years and give a forecast for the year 2023 and the future.

For the nerds among the readers, there is of course the possibility to program the bot yourself and to create an Instagram bot for free or for free. But that requires a lot of know-how and also involves risks. More on that below.

What is an Instagram bot?

An Instagram bot is nothing more than a robot that takes over the account and becomes active itself. The bot takes over various activities and simulates natural user behavior and activity. This means that you no longer have to manually interact with other users yourself and the bot can do the work.

This of course also increases the commitment of other users to your account and you grow without being active yourself. The really good Instagram bots (see test winners below) even post posts and you can plan the feed very well. This also saves time and at the same time increases engagement, as you can plan exactly the times when most users online make sense.

Ultimately, an Instagram bot is very practical support to grow faster on Instagram. Especially in combination with high-quality content, you can significantly accelerate account growth and constantly get new Instagram followers

Top 3 Instagram Bots That Still Works In 2023

There are currently hundreds of Instagram bots on the market. On Google alone, you can find dozens of providers within seconds. But most of them don’t keep their promises. They are restricted in their functionality, do not work continuously, and are usually very noticeable. Therefore you should be careful which one you choose.

After all these years we have created our current TOP 3 of the best Instagram bots for 2023. This list is checked regularly and adjusted if necessary.

Flamista – # 1 Price / Performance

Flamista is one of the newest Instagram bots currently on the market. The high functionality combined with simple operation is ideal, especially if you want to use several accounts. Many practical functions go beyond the classic like, follow/unfollow bot.

So you have all the most important functions covered with one tool and nothing stands in the way of Instagram growth. Thanks to the simple operation, you can quickly find your way around and have fun with it. (compared to Jarvee – this one is much more complicated)

Given the packages, Flamista offers the best value for money.

  • Auto Like / Follow / Unfollow
  • Auto DM / Responder
  • Direct chat
  • Mass Story Viewing
  • Mass Story Voting
  • Post Scheduling (Photo, Video & Story)
  • Safe Growth With Mother Child DM / Slaves DM
  • Analytics
  • Email & Phone Scraper / Lead Generator
  • Auto Repost
  • Post & Video Download
  • Private VPN / Proxy (security & stability)
  • Dark Mode & Great UI/UX
  • Great Support

Price/Value: 9/10
Rating: 4.9/5

Massgramer Instagram Bot

Ingramer – Instagram Bot #2

Ingramer is one of the best Instagram bot on the market when it comes to functionality. You can automate all important and basic functions, get excellent customer support and the pricing is flexible. Ingramer also relies on AI and supports numerous features through artificial intelligence. There are also numerous other practical features.

Since the beginning of the year, some new features have been added and compared to all the other bots, Ingramer is doing the most development work. Probably one of the most sustainable solutions. In terms of simple and intuitive operation, Ingramer is the best tool on the market. Here are the most important functions at a glance:

  • Auto Like / Follow / Unfollow
  • Auto DM / responder
  • Direct chat
  • Post Scheduling (Photo, Video & Story)
  • Post downloader
  • Hashtag generator
  • Analytics
  • Post & Story Download
  • Private VPN 

Price/Value: 8/10
Rating: 4/5

Ingramer bot

Instazood #3

Instazood is the cheapest option and at only $ 9.90 / month an absolute bargain. Compared to Ingramer, you get almost all functions, but the price is significantly lower.  It fulfills the most important functions, is easy to use and reduced to the essentials. You can also automate likes, comments, follow / unfollow and DMs and also define basic things in terms of targeting. There is also the option of randomizing the activity and simulating human behavior.

It might have lacking in features compared to Flamista. But Given the really low price, Instazood is worthwhile for both beginners and professional agencies with a limited budget. The financial risk is really limited and compared to Jarvee the dashboard is much simpler and clearer, which can be an advantage for newbies.

  1. – Target users, hashtags, locations
  2. – Automatic like
  3. – Automatic follow
  4. – Automatic comment
  5. – Automatic Unfollow
  6. – Filtering bot actions

Price/Value: 8.5/10
Rating: 3/5

Instazood Bot

What does the software have to be able to do?

If you are not sure despite our ranking, which is based on several years of experience and testing, you should inform yourself and decide. For this, you have to pay attention to certain points that an Instagram bot must meet in 2019. They are the absolute basic requirements. Also, it is worth choosing a company that has been on the market for a long time and that continuously invests work in development. After all, Instagram is also constantly changing and so the bot or automation tool for it should also change.

Mother Child Method

Mother-child Instagram growth service or mother-slave, as they call it. It is a method to promote a single Instagram page (the mother account) using several other Instagram subpages (child accounts).

It is the only one and most effective method to grow in 2023. With this method, your primary account always remains safe as the primary account never engages in Automation Bot. All the automation works are done with the child accounts.

The matter of sorrow that, even in this hard moment where Instagram become super strict, no web services provides this method to grow as it is top secret. But today we revealed it, Flamista provides this method directly from your Dashboard.

To Learn More, Check This Article (Click Here)


Auto reposting is also the most needed tool to automate reposting works for the theme pages. It should automatically repost the posts with multi-targeting functions like Location, Hashtag, Accounts, etc… It helps to grow Instagram theme pages that are dependent on other creator’s pages. 


The most important and simplest function is automating likes. Thus, the bot distributes corresponding likes to the selected target group. Above all, it is important that you can set the number of likes / actions. It is advisable to set at least 3 likes / account, as this creates the impression that you have actually looked at the other person’s account and scrolled through the feed.

Follow / unfollow

This activity should really only be used very sparingly, as many users have absolutely exaggerated this function and Instagram no longer likes to see it. However, a good Instagram bot should also offer the ability to automate the following and unfollowing of the corresponding target group.

Direct message

It is going down in the DMs. In this sense, direct messages have become incredibly important in recent years. These should also be used accordingly (automatically). However, you have to be careful that the messages are not too generic and standardized. This is often perceived as spam.

Story View

Another essential but newer feature is story views. This makes sense insofar as these are mainly noticed with smaller accounts and simulate real engagement. Story views should ideally be combined with likes to simulate really real behavior.

Post Schedule

A good Instagram bot should not only automate engagement but also other processes such as planning and posting posts. This makes sense because you bring more structure and planning to Instagram. This not only saves time but also makes the feed nicer.


Let data tell the story. Every online marketer should live by this principle to a certain extent because the data does not lie and is crucial. So you should also keep an eye on the growth of the Instagram account and possibly analyze it. This allows better strategies to be worked out and also to increase growth.

Hiring / targeting / randomization

Ultimately, the bot can have all functions, but these must also be precisely adjustable. Because the settings are ultimately decisive for the success of the automation. In order not to make this article too extensive and long, here is a brief overview of the most important setting options concerning speed, targeting, and randomization:

  • Speed (Likes, Follows, DMs, etc / day)
  • Geo targeting (target groups based on location)
  • Follower targeting (targeting followers from another account – very effective!
  • Following targeting (targeting followings of another account)
  • Day / Night Shift (simulates natural activity)
  • Randomization of the interval (activity is distributed randomly over the day – also simulates real behavior again)

Experience with IG Bots

We’re honest – Instagram bots are no longer what they used to be. In the past, Instagram Bots was really the ultimate growth hack through which you could quickly build reach and traffic. We were also able to build up a few accounts with over 20K followers with a 5% engagement rate through Instagram bots. It used to be child’s play.

But times have changed and Instagram has just become smarter. Because the social network now has over 1 billion users and takes appropriate action against dubious behavior. Bots or automation tools violate Instagram’s user guidelines and are not allowed. The developers of Instagram have meanwhile become better and better at training the  AI of Instagram in such a way that it can better and better recognize bots and warn accounts accordingly.

As a result, bots can no longer be used as aggressively as they used to be. The activity must not be so strong and you should make a few settings and trick Instagram. This includes the randomization of the activity, but more on that in a moment. But after all, Mother Slave Method is here to get your work done.

Programming yourself [Free]

Of course, it is also possible to program an Instagram bot yourself. To do this, however, you need programming knowledge and ideally, you should be able to use the Python language. On Github, there are numerous instructions on how to program an Instagram bot yourself. The best thing to do is to watch a few tutorials before getting started.

However, you should be aware that it violates the terms and conditions of Instagram and thus exposes you to a certain risk. Thus there is again the risk of a ban. Ultimately, however, everyone has to assess the risk themselves, and this also applies to bought manufacturers who offer bots for a monthly fee.


Instagram bots can be incredibly effective when it comes to increasing your Instagram reach, but they also carry a certain risk. Basically, these violate the user conditions of Instagram. In the worst-case scenario, this can end in a banned account. We recommend using mother slave to avoid every problem that may come to your primary account.

To avoid this and stay under the radar of Instagram, you should do the right thing. On the one hand, one can and should randomize the activity of the bot. This means that the bot does not always become active at the same intervals, but rather imitates natural behavior and the activity is subject to daily fluctuations, as a real user. Also, the speed should be set modern.

Ideally, you should use a child accounts for Mother Slave Method. Thus accounts have to be linked to the primary account in the bio and only uploaded some pictures, which each link back to the primary account. Thus, the activity can also be set high, you get a lot of traffic and the primary account will get viral.

The best Instagram bot right now is definitely  Flamista. For a few euros a month you get a complete automation tool for Instagram. For everyone who is looking for the most promising growth tools, we recommend trying Flamista right now.

Ahmeds Marketing & Web Development Agency is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. All of this information is provided accordingly to our experienced and the links provide access to 3rd party website which also ain’t affiliated with Instagram in any case. We appreciated it as you landed in our blog.

Thank you, Stay Safe

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